Real Time Information (RTI) for Payroll seminars prove to be a success but highlight a lack of awareness among employers about the impending law change

Mitchell Charlesworth's recent Real Time Information (RTI) for Payroll seminars have proved to be a real success, proving that there is a thirst for information about the impending RTI law change. It also became clear that, before attending the seminars, there was a lack of knowledge and understanding across many employers about what impact this new legislation will have from April next year.

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Payroll Seminar
Above: Our Payroll Seminars proved in high demand

Over the past month, Mitchell Charlesworth's Outsourced Payroll division, led by Director, Ken Davies, have delivered four seminars in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester and Widnes.On average there have been over 40 companies at each presentation.

Lack of Awareness Among Employers:

Ken Davies said; "One of the key conclusions to be drawn from our seminar series is that many employers, business directors, HR managers and payroll departments are simply not aware of how significant this law change will be and how they need to start preparing now for the procedural changes.

What role have Mitchell Charlesworth Payroll played?

Mitchell Charlesworth are at the forefront in an attempt to educate and inform our payroll clients, and non-clients, about how this payroll law change will affect their businesses and the procedural changes that must be put in place before the law comes into effect from April 2013. I believe we have shown our intentions by delivering this highly popular seminar series."

Mitchell Charlesworth have been playing a significant role in the RTI for Payroll process since it was first suggested by HMRC. Our staff have attended forums, consultations and seminars in an attempt to clearly understand the new law changes and also to influence through consultation how the changes should actually be implemented on behalf of our existing payroll clients.

Fundamentally, none of our payroll clients should feel under-prepared about this law change as we will ensure that they are ready for the change by making changes to their internal processes now.

How can employers prepare for these RTI Law changes now in preparation for 2013?

One of the main questions asked by employers at the seminars was; "What does my firm have to do now?" As a result, Ken Davies has put together the points below that employers should consider implementing in the immediate future:

There are four points that employers should consider in the immediate future:

  • Data Cleansing - submit employee data to HMRC before RTI is live so HMRC can correct inaccurate or incomplete data
  • Improve and Maintain Data Quality - Make sure you obtain dates of birth, use full names and include addresses when employees are entered on your payroll
  • Speak to your payroll software supplier or payroll provider - Make sure they can deliver on Real Time Information
  • Banking - Is your BACS facility ready for RTI

Request Further Information about the Real Time Information for Payroll Law Changes:

Payroll Department
Above: Mitchell Charlesworth's Outsourced Payroll Team

Mitchell Charlesworth's Payroll Division would urge any employer who does not yet know about the Real Time Information (RTI) for Payroll law changes and how they must adapt their payroll procedures to contact Ken Davies on tel: 0151 423 7500, email: or complete a quick enquiry form and let us get back in touch with you.

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