Going to University? - Download Your Free Guide to Saving for Your Child's Future

Today is a momentous day for many children, parents and even grandparents across the UK, as A-level results are announced.

Whilst these are exciting times, many parents will now be contemplating the daunting prospect of sending their child to university, whether in the immediate short term or in the future.

University Saving Conundrum

With this ambition comes the realisation that now, or in the future, their child will be facing a bill of around £40,000 - £55,000 per child for a 3 year course (based on current fee levels).

This cost may have significant repercussions on an individual's current savings strategies and may provide a different perspective on your future saving altogether.

In order to help you meet your savings ambitions, Mitchell Charlesworth's Wealth Management and Tax experts have written this short guide to saving for your child's future, which outlines potential strategies for ensuring that your future saving is as efficient as possible.

The guide provides 10 savings ideas that you may wish to consider, whether your child might be going to university in the immediate, near or distant future.

Download your free guide here: A Short Guide to Saving for Your Child's Future

Should you want further advice on any of the points raised in this short guide, please do not hesitate to contact Neil Martin, Mitchell Charlesworth's Head of Financial Planning on tel: 0151 255 2300 or email: neil.martin@mitchellcharlesworth.co.uk and find out how we can help you to achieve your savings objectives.

Please do not hesitate to pass this guide onto any family, friends or colleagues who you think might benefit from receiving it.
Going to University Guide

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