Real Time Information (RTI) for Payroll Commences for All Employers on 6th April

All employers are urgently reminded that Real Time Information (RTI) for Payroll will begin on 6th April - despite a recent 'temporary' relaxation issued by HMRC.

HMRC Logo A recent communication by HMRC appears to have created some confusion about the start date of Real Time Information (RTI) for employers. Crucially, RTI will start for all employers from 6th April. As such, from this date all employers must submit payroll data to HMRC at the time they pay any employee.

What has changed since HMRC's recent update?

HMRC have made a minor, 'temporary' relaxation for employers with fewer than 50 employees, who pay their staff weekly (or more frequently) but who only run their payroll (or use an agent to run their payroll) at the end of the month.

Until 5th October 2013, small employers who find it difficult to report every payment to employees, at the time of payment, can submit their RTI data to HMRC by the date of their regular payroll run but no later than the end of the tax month (5th).

NOTE: This is not a withdrawal of the requirement to report PAYE in real time.

All employers are still required to operate PAYE in real time and HMRC still expect most employers to be reporting PAYE in real time from their first payday on or after 6th April 2013.

HMRC recommends that employers and agents move to real time reporting as soon as possible in order to give them time to refine business processes before automated penalties are implemented.

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What is Real Time Information (RTI) for Payroll?

Real Time Information (RTI) - Reporting PAYE in real time - is now less than a week away and will affect all employers and yet there are still employers who are ignorant of the details of these changes and who have not yet put in place any practical steps to meet the demands of RTI for Payroll.

In this short guide, Ken Davies, Director of Payroll Services, removes the complicated, technical jargon and simply outlines the key facts of RTI and the practical steps that all employers must take now:

Download a free guide to Real Time Information for Payroll (RTI) here

For more information about Real Time Information (RTI) for Payroll, contact Ken Davies, Director of Payroll, on tel: 0151 423 7500 or Email Ken here

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