HMRC Launch crackdown on North Wales and North West holiday industry

HMRC launch crackdown on North Wales and North West holiday industry

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have launched a taskforce to specifically target the holiday industry in North Wales, Blackpool and the Lake District. The taxman is seeking to recover approximately £3million in unpaid tax.

Mitchell Charlesworth would urge any company working within the holiday industry to ensure that their accounts and tax affairs are in order. Should you have any queries or concern about your current audit, tax and/or accounting procedures you are urged to seek professional advice by contacting us without delay.

When announcing the crackdown, David Gauke, the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, said: "We are determined to support hardworking people who want to get on in this industry and every other. However, the people being targeted by this taskforce have no intention of playing by the rules. The Government has made it clear that we will not tolerate tax evasion and we have provided HMRC with the resources to crack down on those who break the rules."

HMRC is hoping to bring in excess of £90 million per year from taskforces over the next three years. This is no hollow threat from HMRC as they have recovered more than £80 million since 2011-12 from other taskforces.

HMRC's Jennie Granger, Director General Enforcement and Compliance, said:
"Our message is clear - if you seek to evade tax or defraud the tax system, HMRC can and will track you down. You will face not only a heavy fine, but possibly a criminal prosecution as well."

Taskforces are specialist teams that undertake intensive bursts of activity in specific high-risk trade sectors and locations in the UK. The teams visit traders to examine their records and carry out other investigations.

A further 27 taskforces are planned by HMRC over the 2013-2014 period, so even if your company falls outside the current sectors being targeted you are urged to review your current accounting and tax situation and to contact Mitchell Charlesworth's experts without delay if you have any queries or concerns.

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