Construction Industry Scheme: Changes to Contractor Monthly Returns

The way in which contractors submit their monthly returns is changing.

From 19th May 2016, all contractors must file their returns online meaning paper returns will no longer be accepted after April 2016.

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According to HMRC, 85% of contractors and their agents file their returns online and the change therefore should therefore cause minimal disruption.

We have outlined the steps to make the transition to online returns below, but if you need any help or support please do not hesitate to contact Joanne Nieman of our dedicated Payroll Bureau.

  • Note: You must register for online services by the end of April 2016*.
  • Information required to register: HMRC employer reference (the reference given to you when you registered as a contractor) and Accounts Office (AO) reference - as shown on your monthly contractor return

Contractors who do not comply with the requirements may be liable for a late filing penalty issued by HMRC.    

Our Payroll Team already help many people file their returns online to ensure they are compliant as well as offering advice and support along the way.

If you do require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting our Payroll Manager Joanne Nieman on 0151 423 7500 or by email.

*By registering you also receive access to the online subcontractor verification service.

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