Building Business Value

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Building Business Value - Strategic Workshops to help you grow the value of your business.

For many of our clients the value of their business represents a substantial proportion of their personal and family wealth. Growing this value is one of their most important priorities and we are always delighted to help with this.

In some cases, we go on to work with the client to realize this value through a business sale or partial withdrawal of cash. However, even where the owners have no intention of selling, a structured approach to growing value should help to improve profitability and shareholder returns.

For this reason, Vanguard has developed the Value Builder service to help you to grow shareholder value.

The starting point is a workshop which:

  • Provides a realistic assessment of the current value of your business. This valuation will take account of the underlying profitability of the business, current value multiples based on recent transactions and markets as well as any specific valuation methods that apply to the sector the company operates in
  • Explore the key value drivers which contribute to or constrain the current valuation
  • Identify the scope to grow value
  • Establish a realistic target value to work towards
  • Develop a practical action plan and milestones which will provide a route map towards increased value. The action plan can also work towards other objectives such as developing the management team and systems to enable the owner to have more time out of the business without necessarily selling

The workshop results and action plan will be reviewed by one of our tax specialists who will then highlight any steps which should be taken prior to the sale in order to minimise the tax burden.

Many of the steps in the action plan will be undertaken by the owners within the business. Where outside assistance is needed, our team will be happy to provide direct support or introduce other specialists as required.

We will lead progress reviews against the action plan and milestones at regular intervals (typically half-yearly).

Our Corporate Finance team are always happy to meet with clients informally (and without commitment) to explore whether this service may help them. We also run regular seminars for clients who would like to understand the process more clearly and assess for themselves how it would work for their business.

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