Charities Against Fraud website

A new website designed to help charities collectively tackle fraud has been launched by the
Charity Commission.

The Charities Against Fraud website has been borne from the Commission’s collaboration with the Charity Sector Counter Fraud Group. The website is an initial point of reference for charity trustees, staff and volunteers to learn how to tackle fraud in their charity and includes guidance, top tips, case studies, as well as signposting users to other organisations tackling charity fraud.

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Charity staff and trustees must stay alert to the risks and understand how to manage them. Top tips to reduce your charity’s vulnerability to fraud include:

1. Develop a strong counter fraud culture where staff are encouraged to play their part in identifying suspicious/potential fraudulent activities

2. Establish robust internal financial controls

3. Encourage staff to voice concerns

4. Have a fraud response plan so that everyone knows what to do and when - stay calm but act quickly when incidents do occur

5. Ensure your charity report incidents to Action Fraud and to the Commission, via the dedicated reporting facility:

Whilst fraud poses a serious threat to every organisation, charities can find themselves particularly vulnerable as a result of the large number of financial transactions they conduct.

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If you have any concerns regarding your charities’ governance and financial management, please do contact us.

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