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Accounting Packages and Cloud Accounting

Maintaining good accounting records is very important and it is no surprise that there are different methods to keep control. As a business expands it is essential that their methods, processes and systems grow too so the senior management team can really understand performance.

The options include manual cashbooks and spreadsheets, Accounting Packages or Cloud Accounting software.

Manual cashbooks and spreadsheets

Many small businesses continue to keep records either manually in a cashbook, or more commonly use a spreadsheet which automatically performs additions. If used methodically they can be very effective and are transparent and easy to change if a mistake is made. However, they are often hard to measure performance on a periodical basis and due to the lack of controls, can lead to inaccurate data.

Accounting Packages

As a business grows, so does their accounting needs and this is where an accounting package is advised. Mitchell Charlesworth has partnered with Quickbooks who have products on the market that can meet the needs of businesses of differing sizes and complexities.

They can provide reports regularly to measure performance; show who owes money and who you owe money to. They can also produce VAT returns for you and generate professional looking sales invoices which will reduce administration time.

The products are in a fixed location which makes sharing difficult and are sometimes difficult to use and understand.

To learn more about the accounting packages available by Quickbooks, contact Philip Griffiths on 0151 255 2300 or e-mail or Lorraine Whittaker, Partner on 0151 423 7500 or e-mail

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Cloud Accounting

Accessing your business accounts anytime, anywhere

Having the ability to access and update your business accounts and finances at anytime via the internet is something many of our clients find useful. Our partner, Intuit Quickbooks can provide accounting products that gives you the freedom to keep your business finances organised, monitor your cash flow and keep a track of profitability at anytime.

Mitchell Charlesworth can help you chose what level of accounting software your business needs and help ensure the chosen product reaches its true potential.

For more information on Quickbooks and the range of services offered, contact Philip Griffiths, Partner on 0151 255 2300 or e-mail or Lorraine Whittaker, Partner on 0151 423 7500 or e-mail

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