Auto-Enrolment: Pension Solution

Helping you meet your auto-enrolment pension obligations under the Workplace Pension Reforms.

Preparing for Auto-Enrolment:

Many employers need help to work out the true costs and implications of the Workplace Pension Reforms for their business. Mitchell Charlesworth Wealth Management will provide an initial report (for a fee agreed in advance) which will identify all the eligible, non-eligible and entitled jobholders.

Once we have done this, we can identify qualifying earnings and calculate your company’s liability under the new regime.

Reviewing, implementing and installing a qualifying workplace pension scheme:

Under Auto-Enrolment, employees must be auto-enrolled into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. Mitchell Charlesworth Wealth Management can offer advice in respect of establishing an appropriate scheme which fulfils the Auto-Enrolment criteria or can offer Auto-Enrolment advice in respect of an existing scheme.

In this regard, Mitchell Charlesworth’s Pensions Consultants can help you, the employer, by:

  • Providing you with advice in relation to the requirements for operating a company sponsored pension that complies with the terms of Auto-Enrolment.
  • Providing you with advice, following a review of any existing scheme, that outlines whether this existing scheme can be used to meet your responsibilities under Auto-Enrolment.
  • Providing advice that outlines the options that are available to you in terms of compliance with Auto-Enrolment.
  • Offering you guidance on contribution levels in respect of meeting the criteria set out by Auto-Enrolment.
  • When necessary, providing you with recommendations for a new Auto-Enrolment scheme that can cope with the requirements under Auto-Enrolment.
  • Implementing and installing a replacement qualifying workplace scheme if required.

Ongoing advisory support to members of your qualifying pension scheme:

Under Auto-Enrolment, you may wish to provide your employees, who are members of the pension plan, with the facility for on-site contact with an adviser once a year.

Mitchell Charlesworth can help you meet this objective by providing your employees, who are members of the pension plan, with the facility for an annual review meeting wherein the annual benefits statements provided by the pension provider will be explained and discussed.

Free Guides to Auto-Enrolment to Download, Print and Share:

The following guides have been co-written by our wealth management and payroll departments, specifically for employers, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that you start to prepare now to meet your duties under Auto-Enrolment and are ready to comply with the obligations when your staging date arrives.

Auto-Enrolment Detailed Guide for Employers Part 1 Auto-Enrolment Guide for Employers Part 2

Auto-Enrolment Services:

Part 1 - A Unified Solution for Employers

Click here or on the image above to download the free guide

The Workplace Pension Reforms:

Part 2: Auto-Enrolment - A Guide for Employers

Click here or on the image above to download the free guide

Further Information - Contact our Auto-Enrolment Team:

For further advice specifically regarding your pension scheme obligations and Auto-Enrolment, contact Mitchell Charlesworth’s pensions and investments division.

For specific advice regarding the administration of Auto-Enrolment and your payroll function, contact Mitchell Charlesworth payroll services.

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