Business Assurance


Business Assurance services provide organisations with robust evidence that their financial controls are operating efficiently and effectively. We deliver an array of specialist services, including internal audit and risk management advice, which assure board members, trustees, and directors that the financial governance of their organisations is rock solid and legally compliant.

More than this, we ultimately act as a catalyst for change and assist in managing the change process.

Our Business Assurance service provides a top-down internal audit, focusing on key business risk areas and taking into account the organisation's strategic objectives. Our specialist teams work exclusively on internal audit assignments, while bringing deep technical knowledge from other sectors and disciplines.

Partnering techniques involve us operating seamlessly with a client's in-house financial team, supporting its members, while enabling them to benefit from our experience and skills.  Our service includes:

  • We can review and advise on the effectiveness of governance systems, which is especially important in light of the Turnbull guidance on listed companies. In the public and RSL sectors, Nolan and Hancock has underscored the need for high levels of accountability, transparency and integrity.
  • The increased use of risk management as a business improvement tool means board members must better understand the full extent of their organisation's activities. We provide an objective, independent overview to ensure that any risk management process is rigorous.
  • Control Self-Assessment (CSA) is hailed as the best solution for internal audit. We work directly with management to implement programmes or train internal audit teams to use CSA programme techniques.
  • The continued development of staff, management and board members is crucial to the success of any organisation. We run bespoke training courses for organisations across the broadest spectrum of sectors.
  • Our consultancy team adapts its structured methodology to individual consultancy assignments, ranging from due diligence work to value for money studies and fraud investigations.
  • Best Value in the public sector raises the issue of continuous improvement. For RSLs, we run a Benchmark Club have been instrumental in helping many clients to draw up their Best Value action plans.
  • For computer assignments we have access to a network of specialist IT consultants who provide expert assistance on a range of software and network capabilities.


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Registered to carry on audit work in the UK and Ireland by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for investment business