Finance Raising


Grants and other public sector funding schemes available to UK businesses amount to billions annually. Our team of professional advisors can help you to access your fair share of that funding. If you are in business, thinking of starting a business, or run an organisation that spends money, you may well be eligible to apply for a number of different schemes.

No one will knock on your door inviting you to apply, which places the onus entirely on individual organisations to find out what is on offer. This can be a bewildering task because there are thousands of different schemes and hundreds of different awarding bodies.

However, we can help you make sense of the grant funding maze in a number of ways:

  • We guarantee to provide clients with a report that identifies all current grants and funding potentially available to your business.
  • Complete our free grant-finder checklist, and we will identify the schemes available to your organisation through our bespoke grant search software. This substantially increases your chances of securing a grant.
  • Our seasoned specialists are experts in preparing grant applications with first-hand knowledge of how to succeed by highlighting the positives of your case. A professional adviser will also bring greater credibility to your application.
  • We will help advise you throughout the complexities of the whole grant process, up until you receive the cash in your bank account.

For further information or to speak to an advisor contact the team or send a quick enquiry.

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