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Mr R – Private Tax Client

This note is certainly not long enough to reflect the many years that have passed by, but nevertheless I just wanted to drop you a line to put on record my very sincere thanks to you personally Tim, and to Mitchell Charlesworth as a firm, for sticking with us on what turned out to be a long and patient quest to settle my father’s estate.

The circumstances were far from ideal as you know, but we got there in the end and this was in no small measure thanks to you. I really valued your support – then and now – and I want to express my family’s genuine gratitude to you for your wise counsel, professionalism and sense of perspective throughout. As if my family’s own circumstances weren’t enough, from your own perspective I know this has at times been an uncomfortable ride too, clearly, and I’m therefore doubly appreciative that you somehow found a way to hang in there when you were under considerable pressure to find a way out.

I’ve always been a great believer that you really find out what people are made of when things get tough – this whole affair certainly has been tough for me from a number of angles over the years – and you passed that test with flying colours!