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Gary Evans

Gary Evans

Gary will be working to develop Mitchell Charlesworth's outsourcing services which include management reporting, VAT returns & bookkeeping. Gary is an expert in business process improvement and using cloud technology to ensure you are receiving the information you need to make better business decisions. He has been working with cloud accounting software for over seven years and believes Xero is the best on the market for supporting small businesses.

Gary has a varied background across corporate finance, audit, and business advisory services. He has experience of both practice and industry, with time spent working as a finance manager in the construction sector.

Gary worked overseas in Australia for many years, advising on business sales, tax, business growth and processes. He has advised many business owners on how to run their businesses more efficiently, better manage their cashflow and ensure they are meeting their financial goals and compliance obligations.

Gary works with many owner-managed and family-run businesses across a range of sectors, including construction and trades, real estate / property development, professional services, e-commerce and retail.

After studying Accounting & Corporate Finance at the University of Adelaide, Gary gained his chartered accountant status with Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand.