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A warning regarding HMRC phishing attempts

A warning for all businesses and individuals to be vigilant after a recent spate of phishing letters have been reported. Customers are advised to exercise caution if they are contacted by a source purporting to be HMRC and to report any suspicious activity via the link below.

If there is any doubt about the legitimacy of a letter, email, phone call or text message, customers are advised to contact HMRC via a known phone number.

Some examples of phishing attempts can be found below:


HMRC are aware of letters currently in circulation advising customers that they have an outstanding amount of VAT. The letters appear to be legitimate quoting the correct outstanding amount however, the number within the correspondence is not an official contact number of HMRC.

An example can be found below:


HMRC is aware of tax refund and rebate emails currently being circulated. Customers are reminded that HMRC never send notifications by email about tax rebates or refunds.

Do not visit the website, open any attachments or disclose any personal information.


‘Goodwill payment’

HMRS is aware of COVID-19 text messages telling customers that they can claim a ‘goodwill payment’. Do not reply to the message and do not open any of the links.

‘£250 fine’

HMRC is aware of text messages telling customers that they will be fined £250 for leaving the house more than once. Do not reply to the message and do not call the phone number provided.

Further information can be found here.

Any suspicious letters, emails, texts or calls can be reported to HMRC here.

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