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KRTS Power to Respond Ltd announced as latest monthly winner of the Merseyside Innovation Awards

Wirral-based KRTS Power to Respond Ltd have been announced as the June monthly winner of the 2019 Merseyside Innovation Awards (MIA) for their pioneering specialist mental health, trauma and crises aftercare App.

The MIAs aim is to help companies transform their ideas into successful businesses, contributing towards Merseyside’s economic development. Since 1996, the awards celebrate and encourage innovative companies and individuals in Merseyside.

The experienced team behind KRTS Power to Respond® are industry experts, passionate about ensuring people get the right support following distressing and traumatic events. Their ground-breaking digital health App meets the standards of the World Health Organisation, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, European Network for Traumatic Stress and the British Psychological Society amongst others for post-trauma care.

MIA sponsors recognised the innovative digital health App and its two foremost functions: firstly, to support individuals immediately after a difficult incident by helping them understand their emotions, proposing strategies to overcome these and directing them towards further support if necessary. Secondly, offering loved ones, colleagues and helpers information on how they can help support someone and importantly what not to do.

The App sits within a continuum of care, so, although it can be used as a standalone product, we work with each organisation to dovetail it with their existing strategic process. Our passion lies with ensuring the right person receives the correct support following a critical incident and our App also helps address the stigma surrounding mental health and normalise reactions as opposed to over-medicalising them.

KRTS Power to Respond Ltd Director Cath Kerr

Brian McCann, MIA Chairman, added: “In Liverpool alone 38,000 people have been diagnosed with depression, and almost 7,000 with severe mental illness and a report by the King’s Fund estimates the mental health expenditure in 2026 to be £1.4 billion in the UK alone.”

“The KRTS Power to Respond® App provides an accessible, early intervention and cost effective service that organisations can deploy at the push of a button to respond instantly to the impact caused by emergency situations, crises, natural and man-made disasters.”

This story originally appeared in Insider North West and can be read here.

For further information about the Merseyside Innovation Awards please visit

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