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Payroll Service Contingency

Mitchell Charlesworth’s Payroll Services Team all have the capability to work remotely. 

Therefore, we can continue to provide an operational payroll bureau service during the ongoing pandemic.


Call the usual office phone number 0151-423-7500 and ask for your usual payroll contact

If they are in the office, then they will take the call or call you back from the office.

If they are working from home or absent, one of our payroll team will call you back.  Please note, if a member of the team is working from home this may show as withheld or private number. 

The payroll department has 14 dedicated Payroll professionals and includes the following people who can help you should you have a question about the contingency service.

  • Ken Davies (Director)
  • Joanne Nieman (Manager)
  • Gareth Lloyd (Senior Payroll Technical Advisor)
  • Ashley Bellis (Workplace Pension Leader)

Emails to Mitchell Charlesworth

Emails should be sent to your usual payroll contact.  They are automatically forwarded to a shared account so that queries or submissions are picked up even if a colleague is away from the office and this has been standard departmental procedure for a decade.

myePayWindow – an electronic payslip portal for employees

If you are using the myePayWindow service, then your payslip delivery will be unaffected by the operational changes owing to CoviD-19.

You will continue to receive your reports via encrypted email, an emailed encrypted zip file or myePayWindow as agreed.

Paper Payslips

If you received sealed paper payslips to your business premises, then we will endeavour to continue to provide them while we have some office presence. 

However, the contingency service will be adopted where appropriate, where we will send clients a password protected zip file containing a pdf of all payslips for the pay period.  The client would be responsible to either pass the relevant pdf to each worker or print out the payslip and pass to the workers.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide a separate pdf of each payslip particularly with the short timescales involved, nor can we email payslips direct to workers.

If you are interested in switching to myePayWindow then please let your usual contact know and we can invite you to the scheme. 

For more information on myePayWindow click here.

Postal Services

As with sealed paper payslips, we will endeavour to continue to provide paper payroll reports while we have office presence. 

However, it would make most sense to switch to receiving encrypted reports by email or use our myePayWindow facility.  Where we feel this will benefit you, we will switch to emailing and contact you to let you know.

BACS Services

Where we make BACS payments on your behalf, we can continue to do so.  Our Virtual Network and Hardware Security Module ensures that we can take care of your BACS payments during the ongoing pandemic.

We have 3 BACS approvers and we have adapted our existing systems to reconcile payroll records prior to submission.

Workplace Pensions

We will continue to handle your ongoing workplace pension administration as normal to ensure that contribution details are provided to the pension provider on time.

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

We will record any SSP payable owing to CoviD-19 the same as any other SSP except the first 3 days will be paid as SSP CV on employees’ payslips and we will note VIRUS in the details section of the absence diary.

When UK Government advise on the reclaiming procedure, we can provide the details of the SSP payments your business has made owing to CoviD-19.

We suggest you ensure you can evidence if asked those who have been paid SSP as a consequence of CoviD-19

Business Support

The UK government and HMRC have published numerous articles on the subject. 

Please follow Mitchell Charlesworth on social media channels to keep abreast of changes or visit here for the latest guidance.

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