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Parents returning to work after extended leave eligible for furlough

The government announced yesterday (9 June 2020) that employees on paternity and maternity leave who return to work in the coming months will still be eligible for the government’s furlough scheme.

Whilst the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced on 29 May that organisations wishing to place employees on furlough must do so by 10 June, parents returning to work in the coming months after a period of statutory maternity and paternity will still be eligible for furlough scheme even after the cut-off date, providing that :

  • Their period of absence started prior to the commencement of the furlough scheme, and
  • Their employers have already previously furloughed other employees within the organisation.

This measure also applies to people on adoption leave, shared parental leave and parental bereavement.

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been extended until October, with new flexibilities introduced from 1 July to support the economy by allowing furloughed employees to return to work part-time.  More information about the flexible furlough scheme can be read here.

More details of the change will be included in updated guidance which is expected to be published on 12 June.

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