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Step by Step Instructions to create your Government Gateway Account

If you do not have a Government Gateway account, here are some steps to take and information you will require.

If you are applying for Self Employed Income Support Scheme and you do not have a Government Gateway account, from the page that confirms your eligibility under the scheme, you will be promoted to create it.  Alternatively you can create an account here.

  1. You will then need to follow the steps outlined below
  2. Enter your personal e-mail address - you will then be sent a 12-digit authorisation code by HMRC to that particular e-mail address
  3. Enter the authorisation code
  4.  Enter your full name
  5. Set-up a password at the prompt
  6. Set-up a recovery word at the prompt
  7. HMRC will then issue a Gateway ID number – you will need to make a note of this
  8. You will then be invited to add a second layer of security.  If you select the 'SMS' option, you will be sent an access code to your mobile phone at each login
  9. Upon entering the access code, you will need to confirm your full name, NI number, and date of birth
  10. You will then be asked to provide third party security information from one of the following 3 options;photo driving licence, passport or multiple choice (including information from credit card providers)

TIP: If you select photo driving licence or passport, you will need to have the document to hand as you will be asked for details such as passport number, full name as it appears on your passport (including middles names), and expiry date.

Registration will then be complete, and you will have your Government Gateway Account set up and ready to use.