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Kreston Charities Report July 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Kreston Charities Report, prepared in conjunction with our colleagues in the Kreston Charities Group, to ascertain the impact the pandemic has had on the financial position of charities and their ability to deliver their planned objectives in the short term.

The report draws upon data from charities across the UK and provides an overview of the impact that Covid-19 has had on charities and their beneficiaries and more importantly, how they see the future.

The report addresses the current financial picture, use of government Covid-19 support, and the future of the sector.

The findings show that as with businesses and economies globally, there can be no doubt that charities have been hit, and in some cases hit badly by Covid-19. Some charities have been significantly impacted, especially through lost income, whilst others have found more flexibility in the way they raise and spend money.

Overall, the survey paints a mixed picture of the current financial health of the charity sector but, with a confident outlook for the future.

You can download the full report to the right of this page or if you would like further information, please contact a member of our charities team:


Kreston Charities Report July 2021