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Sector Spotlight: Stepping up for children with cerebral palsy

1 in 400 babies are estimated to be born every year in the UK with some form of cerebral palsy. This is a condition that affects muscle control and movement. It’s usually caused by an injury to the brain before, during or after birth. Children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy may have difficulties in controlling muscles and movements as they grow and develop. Based in two centres located in Wallasey and Runcorn, our charity Stick ‘n’ Step provides totally free of charge conductive education sessions to children from across the North West with this condition.

How does conductive education work?

Conductive education is about active learning and allowing children to gain the skills they need to live independent lives. The sessions run by our trained specialists incorporate play and music into structured routines to develop functional skills. Our support improves the children’s mobility and independence and boosts self-confidence, enabling every child to reach their personal potential. From moving around independently, to improving self-feeding; and learning to use the toilet on their own to tying shoelaces - everything in the conductive education sessions is designed to reduce each child’s dependency on other people, and to give them the best chances of living a full and independent life.

Supporting the whole family

Regular attendance at our weekly or twice weekly sessions means that parents and families have the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation and they benefit from regular respite time whilst their children develop in the classroom.

How are we funded?

There is a huge army of people, communities, organisations and grant making trusts who help us to fund the work that we do. We receive no government money and we rely completely on the generosity of the local community to raise the funds we need. Every child’s place costs £4,500 a year and we have to raise over £500,000 annually to keep operating.

Every year we aim to make new links with organisations and businesses across the North West region. We would like to build our network of contacts more widely than ever before, and we are looking for introductions to some local businesses. Maybe you work for one of these organisations directly, or perhaps you have family or friends who do. You could be one of their customers; or a professional contact.

Whatever your link, if you can introduce us, we can find ways to work together with these organisations to give them the opportunity to support our work. Volunteers are enormously important to us too and there is a huge range of volunteering opportunities with us. If you would like to talk to us about volunteering or if you are interested in fundraising for us or perhaps taking part in one of our exciting fundraising challenges, we’d love to hear from you.

To find out how you could help us please visit or call us on 01928 573777 (Runcorn) or 0151 638 0888 (Wallasey).

If you would like your charity to appear in the next edition of Mitchell Charlesworth’s Charity Newsletter please contact our Head of Marketing, Cara Bartlett.

Charity Newsletter Summer 2018
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