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Overseas VAT refunds

In today’s world it is so much easier for businesses to have global reach without leaving their offices. However to really drive sales it is sometimes necessary to visit other countries, whether that is to visit clients/potential clients or exhibit/attend a conference. In both situations it is likely that you will incur costs overseas and some of these costs will have VAT on them (hotels, meals, car rentals etc.). As it is not possible to reclaim foreign VAT through the UK VAT return many businesses will think that foreign VAT is a cost to them.

However it is possible in a number of countries to reclaim this VAT.  For VAT incurred in the EU, this can be claimed (for now) through the UK using the EU refund scheme.  For VAT incurred in countries outside the EU this can be claimed directly with the tax authority in the country where the VAT was incurred and we are able to utilise our Kreston network to assist in preparing and filing these claims.  The VAT recovery rules will differ slightly in each country so the same costs will be eligible in some countries and not in others.

Mitchell Charlesworth is happy to conduct an initial review free of charge to determine if you have a valid claim.  If we believe that you are eligible for a refund we will provide you with  a fee quote for achieving this refund.

If you would like to find out more, please contact our VAT team below.