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Watch our R&D Tax Relief Webinar

Recent government findings suggest that many SMEs underestimate the transformative potential of R&D tax credits, when reclaimed through proper channels. In this webinar, experts from Mitchell Charlesworth Chartered Accountants, Intellectual Property ("IP") lawyers Appleyard Lees and finance providers Bathgate Business Finance show how to unlock the value of this government incentive, which is designed specifically to reward UK companies for investing in innovation, which in turn, crucially, could protect your business from risk.

The webinar explores Research & Development Tax Relief, offers advice as to how your business could be eligible – even if you think you’re not, how and when to apply for a patent and how to obtain Patent Box Relief, plus a run through of R&D Tax Credit Advance Loans and other finance.

You can watch our webinar for free below.

For further information please contact Phil Hartley or any other speakers in the webinar.

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