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CBD & Medicinal Cannabis Sector

Since 2018 there has been a huge interest in the medicinal cannabis and CBD sector for both investors and operators alike.  Both territories and companies entering the sector face various challenges due to its complex legal and regulatory nature.

  • Brand owners and retailers in the CBD sector looking to enter the UK and European consumer market
  • Owners and non-resident companies and directors looking to gain entry and footholds into the UK and European markets for CBD and medicinal cannabis
  • Contract manufacturers of products for the CBD sector.
  • UK company formation, to include business current account for the CBD and medicinal cannabis sector, in particular Canadian and other overseas entities
  • Help for CBD businesses with payment processing for your e-Commerce site or point of sale (POS)
  • Cross border VAT advice for trade with member states in Europe
  • Statutory accounts preparation for the UK tax authorities
  • Management accounts and assistance with overall finance function.