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With geography no longer being a boundary to retail, opportunities for global e-commerce are plentiful.

In fact, global retail e-commerce sales are predicted to hit a staggering $4.5 trillion by 2021.  As specialist e-commerce accountants, Mitchell Charlesworth are passionate about providing relevant financial advice and guidance to our 300+ e-commerce clients, based all over the world.  We understand online market traders and their unique requirements and challenges, whichever country they are based.  The ever-changing legislation and requirements of the mighty online retailers, including Amazon, Ebay and shopify, means that as an e-commerce trader you need an ally who can support you, 24-7 and forge a path through bureaucracy and complex international regulations.

Services we offer:

  • Set up for non-resident merchants looking to enter the UK and EU, in particular traders in the USA
  • Cross border VAT advice in multiple member states
  • Help with obtaining UK business account and payment processing for non-resident merchants, often within days
  • Insurance, product liability, all risks, goods in transit
  • One-to-one virtual consultations for initial advice and for us to gain an understanding of your business needs

 Contact us for further information: