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Benefits of Outsourcing

Budgets are extremely tight at the moment and many schools are having to make large cuts to spending on essential facilities and expertise.

If you are converting, or have already converted to Academy status, there is an alternative option, however, that could save you money - outsourcing your accounting function.

Why doesn't your school outsource its accounts?

If you are an LEA school, then you do not have to use the LEA services if they can be sourced more efficiently and cheaply elsewhere. What is more, as an academy, with responsibility for your own budgets, you have the freedom to look at various options.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your school's accounts?

  • Control and certainty of costs
  • Freeing up your own staff time for other activities
  • Dispensing with the time, risks and pressure of carrying out the work in-house
  • Not having to deal with updates and changes to related software
  • Avoiding problems and delays arising from key staff absences

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