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Social Housing

social housing sector

The coming years will see the social housing sector having to cope with the most sweeping reforms for generations.

However, there are also major opportunities for forward-thinking Registered Providers (RPs), as the government prepares to launch a long term building programme for affordable homes.

As a result, the future may well see only the most adaptable Social Housing Providers achieving sustainable success. Radically reduced public sector budgets, fewer development allocations, increased compliance needs and the rise of consortium deals mean expert advice in these areas can make a critical difference to bottom line performance.

We currently provide audit and accountancy services to more than 40 clients within the sector who benefit from our deep technical expertise, local knowledge, and close working relationships.

Our Social Housing team spares no effort in keeping up-to-date with housing legislation, practice and funding opportunities, as well as accounting and audit standards.

Recent social housing legislation means the auditing needs within the social housing sector has expanded without let-up and in response our team has continued to develop our services to the housing movement, delivering RP-specific advice on external audits, grant funding, recycled capital grant funding, and taxation.

We offer seamless specialist assistance in areas such as budgets and systems, company secretarial function, business development, technology issues, and specialist investigation services into financial irregularities.

We can also help you with the following:

For further information or to speak to an advisor contact the team to the right of this page or send a quick enquiry.