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Auto-Enrolment Services: A Unified Solution

The key to Mitchell Charlesworth’s Auto-Enrolment solution is our unified approach through both our pensions and investments department and our payroll services division. The combination of these two expert services and your ability to access these services under one roof makes Mitchell Charlesworth’s Auto-Enrolment package efficient and cost-effective.

Mitchell Charlesworth Wealth Management - Pensions & Investments

  • Preparing for Auto-Enrolment
  • Reviewing, implementing and installing a qualifying workplace pension scheme
  • Ongoing advisory support to members of your qualifying pension scheme

Mitchell Charlesworth Payroll Services

  • Why Auto-Enrolment will lead to greater payroll complexity
  • How can our payroll service team help you?
  • Core activity solutions
  • Ancillary services

"We consider your pension requirement and your payroll operation in tandem when delivering a solution.”

Should you have any queries or would like further advice about meeting your Auto-Enrolment obligations, do not hesitate to contact our Auto-Enrolment specialists to the right of this page.