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Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Whether you are an individual, limited company, partnership or sole trader, financial difficulties can create immense personal distress.

It is important to realise that the sooner problems are treated, the better the prognosis.

Even when people think they are too late for help, they are frequently surprised by the advice and solutions we provide.

The symptoms are very similar, regardless of the size of business or individual situation. Typically, they include: unpaid VAT and PAYE; pressure from the bank; calls from creditors, often at evenings and weekends; threats of legal action; insufficient cash flow; and inability to obtain further credit.

  • Our team is headed by Partner Jeremy Oddie who has been involved in corporate recovery and insolvency services for more than 20 years.
  • Our Insolvency Services team of specialist professionals has many years' experience of working with both large and small businesses as well as the Official Receivers Office. We look at specific circumstances and recommend the swiftest and most effective course of treatment.
  • By working together with our clients we often catch the symptoms early enough and achieve a positive result, allowing them to regain control of their finances.

Mitchell Charlesworth's Corporate Recovery and Insolvency team is led by Partner, Jeremy Oddie who has been named on Insolvency Today's Power 100 List. The Power 100 represents the top 100 individuals in the UK working in the insolvency profession.

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Contact a member of our team to discuss your Corporate Recovery and Insolvency needs: