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Corporate Recovery

Our team, headed by Jeremy Oddie, includes two additional insolvency practitioners and a team of engaged and experienced advisors.  We not only understand the issues affecting you and your business but are experts in the field and can deliver advice tailored to the precise situation of your business.

Industries and markets invariably have issues that are exclusive to their sector. Within each sector, individual businesses encounter a wide array of problems resulting from an even wider set of circumstances.

We look at the full extent of stakeholder interests (employees, shareholders, creditors, directors) and deliver a expertly conceived approach that will address the immediate issues.

For companies, directors and shareholders, we offer follow formal insolvency procedures where this is the most appropriate solution.

Whatever the circumstances, we will look at all options available to you including:

  • Rescue and recovery
  • Insolvency and winding-up
  • Voluntary termination of the business

In other circumstances, we use our specialist skills to explore innovative, alternative routes.  We deliver early, accessible and effective advice.

For further information contact the team to the right of this page.


We have a variety of resources to assist with business recovery and insolvency which can be found below: