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Products Liability Insurance

Do I need Products Liability Cover?

Do you design, manufacture or supply a physical product?

If you do then your business needs products liability, even if you do not charge a fee for the product.

Why do I need it?

Your business may be held legally responsible for any injuries to people or damage to property caused by a faulty product.

What if I don’t manufacture the product?

You can be held liable for faulty products even if you did not manufacture them. You may be liable for compensation if:

  • You import the product from outside the European Union
  • the product’s manufacturer cannot be identified
  • the manufacturer has gone out of business
  • your business name is on the product
  • you repair, refurbish or adjust the product in any way.

What does it cover me for?

Product liability insurance protects you against the cost of compensation for:

  • loss of or damage to third party property caused by your faulty product
  • personal injuries to third parties caused by your faulty product

For further information, please contact a member of our Insurance Team to the right of this page.

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