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Payroll - outsourced services

Paying employees is among the most vital tasks any business must perform, yet payroll processing is increasingly difficult & onerous, and getting it wrong is all too easy, particularly with the new changes regarding Real Time Information (RTI) and the auto-enrolment requirements of the workplace pensions reforms.

Mitchell Charlesworth's Outsourced Payroll department has been offering payroll services for over 30 years and is supported by a large team of dedicated staff. Our specialist BACS accredited payroll service is a cost-reducing outsourcing option that gives you complete peace of mind while freeing up management resources that can be re-invested in other parts of your business.

Tax, national insurance, pensions, maternity and paternity pay, student loans and auto-enrolment are just some of the complex areas that mean payroll is a major distraction that managers could well do without. Let us manage this for you.

Watch our video below to see some of those clients who already take advantage of our Payroll bureau:

Our Outsourced Payroll Services include:

  • Calculation and amendments
  • Calculation of statutory payments for sickness, paternity and maternity leave
  • Processing of overtime, commissions and other payments
  • Administration of student loans, pension contributions and all attachment orders
  • Stationery and forms
  • e-filing and banking
  • Access to our helpline

Extra benefits of outsourcing your payroll to Mitchell Charlesworth include:

  • No payroll security problems
  • No need to keep up to date with new legislation
  • Your employees receive a fast and efficient service
  • No need to deal with HMRC, Department of Work and Pensions or mortgage applications

A seamless operation ensures HM Revenue and Customs always has the information it needs and that employees are paid correctly and on-time - every time. Because we employ dedicated professional staff, we meet all our clients' needs while establishing lasting relationships.

The Workplace Pensions Reforms - Auto-Enrolment Service:

The Workplace Pensions Reforms have begun to be phased in. These legislative changes will have a significant impact and make it a legal requirement for all employers, of all sizes, to automatically enrol their employees into a workplace pension scheme.

Mitchell Charlesworth are able to offer a Unified Solution for employers to manage both their pension and payroll obligations under auto-enrolment.

Whilst the effect on pensions and cash flow will probably have been considered by many employers, the operational impact of the legal obligations, particularly with regards to payroll procedures and communication processes, has mostly been overlooked.

Visit the following pages or download the free guides below for more information about Auto-Enrolment and our Unified Solution for Employers:

To discuss your Payroll needs, please contact a member of the team to the right of this page.


We have a variety of payroll resources which can be found below: