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Payslips are changing

Mitchell Charlesworth have offered electronic payslips since 2012, where our clients' employees could access their electronic payslips via a secure website using their own unique login ID and password. is an enhancement of the epayslip service and is a beneficial, secure solution to both employers and employees in order to satisfy employers' requirements to protect personally identifiable information under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

What is myePayWindow?

myePayWindow is an electronic portal that provides secure delivery and greater control of the data shared between our client and Mitchell Charlesworth's payroll department.

It delivers electronic payslips securely to your workforce and offers enhanced security via two step authentication (2SA).

How does myePayWindow work?

Both employer and employees gain access to the portal via an email link containing an invitation to register and connect.  Upon activation, employees will be able to view and download current and historical epayslips and eP60s.

The employers will be able to upload payroll changes, starter forms etc. direct to the payroll department and once payroll is completed, employers will be able to download payroll reports securely through the portal.

Employee benefits of myePayWindow

  • Employees can create their own memorable passwords and usernames
  • Employees have the ability to reset their own login details if they forget them
  • Requests for copy payslips or replacements of lost form P60s become a thing of the past as employees will have access to them 24/7, even from home
  • Payslips can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Employees can set a notification to let them know when they have a payslip or other document to view.

Enhanced IT Security

The myePayWindow servers are maintained by Rackspace Limited, an ISO 27001 certified company and all servers are based in the UK.

Uploading and downloading of data uses SSL encryption certified by Verisign. is security checked and tested weekly and annually by Netcraft Limited, one of the world's leading Web Application Testing specialist organisations.

myePayWindow also has an option 2 Step Authentication (2SA) enhancement requiring portal users to set their own memorable word which they will use each time they log on.

Employer benefits

  • Employers can access reports, exchange documents with the payroll department via computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Employers can brand the portal with the company logo so that it appears on their employees' payslips
  • Employers can set notifications to let them know when they have a document ready to view in the portal
  • No postage costs and less paper means it enhances your environmental credentials and lowers your carbon footprint
  • It is an efficient way of delivering payslips to your workforce on time, every time.

Workplace Pension Letters and more

If Mitchell Charlesworth look after generating workplace pension letters for your staff we can send them direct to your employees' portals rather than you having to distribute them.  We can also deliver forms P45 to leavers via the portal.

The 'Right to be forgotten'

GDPR introduced the legal right for individuals to have their personal data erased.  myePayWindow takes care of this requirement by automatically anonymising a leavers' personal data 12 months after they have left.

How much is this going to cost my business?

Nothing.  It will enhance your business at no extra charge to you.  If you are an existing epayslip user there will be no extra charge.  If you are new to epayslips, it will save you postage and administration time.

Getting started with myePayWindow

Please see our full bank of resources below.  If you would like to discuss myePayWindow and how it can benefit your business, please contact a member of the team to the right of this page.