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Trusts and Estates

Trusts and estates represent a complex area where only true specialist knowledge will suffice.

Our dedicated and enormously experienced team has the technical wherewithal and professional insight to deliver sound advice across an array of trust and estate situations.

We are particularly well placed to assist trustees with difficulties in calculating tax liabilities, completing tax forms ahead of deadlines, and preparing accounts, as well as helping solicitors who have pressing legal matters to deal with.

We also assist accountants who want to maintain contact with their client, but do not have the specialist expertise or time to cost-effectively complete HMRC-compliant annual accounts and income tax returns.

Our service includes:


  • Annual accounts
  • Income tax returns
  • Income and capital gains tax computations
  • Distributions to beneficiaries, including preparation of related tax certificates (forms R185 / R185E)
  • Day to day administration


  • Accounts for the period of administration
  • Ongoing annual accounts for will trusts
  • Income tax returns for the period of administration
  • Income and capital gains tax computations
  • Estate administration - collection and distribution of assets

Inheritance tax and estate planning is a further area where our specialists use their expertise to add value. As well as advising on the planning of wills and trusts, some of our partners act as executors and trustees, while continuing to advise families on financial matters.

We look after a wide variety of trust situations including: life interest; discretionary; accumulation and maintenance; charitable; and bare trusts.

For further information or to speak to an advisor send us a quick enquiry or contact the team below.

Contact a member of our North West-based Trusts & Estates team to discuss your needs:

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Trusts and Estates
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