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As much as 15 per cent of a business' cash flow is tied up in VAT, so it is crucially important to manage payment and compliance efficiently and effectively.

This increasingly complex area of tax costs businesses dear if VAT issues are not resolved promptly, or VAT saving opportunities are missed.

Our specialist VAT team comprises technically gifted individuals who are extensively experienced in highlighting potential VAT problems and identifying ways of reducing VAT costs.

  • We carry out a free initial review of your VAT position to establish whether there have been any underpayments or over payments
  • We advise on matters specific to your businesses and can resolve any of your VAT-related questions or potential problems
  • We are experienced in dealing directly with HM Revenue and Customs and can assist resolving any areas of uncertainty
  • We ensure your business is informed of any changes - including retrospective ones which create opportunities for refunds
  • We advise extensively on international VAT issues utilising our Kreston network

If your business has been involved in any of the following situations, a VAT review may be beneficial to ensure that you paying the correct amount of VAT:

  • Commercial or domestic property purchase, sale, development or construction
  • Receiving grant or other non-business income
  • Partly exempt with or without a special method
  • International trade
  • Receiving assessments or default surcharges from HM Revenue & Customs
  • Acquisition and disposal of businesses – a highly complex area 

For further information or to speak to an advisor send a quick enquiry or contact the team below.

Contact a member of our team to discuss your VAT needs:

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