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Wealth Management

At Mitchell Charlesworth we firmly believe in providing truly independent advice via our tailored and individual guidance. You can trust our team of independent financial experts to offer a complete financial solution. Our Wealth Management team create strategies to meet personal and corporate planning requirements including protection, retirement and investment planning. We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to give independent financial advice, which allows us to identify the most suitable policies and investments from the many options and possibilities available.

At Mitchell Charlesworth we provide a holistic, independent advice service.

As a financial planning firm, we are focused on helping you understand and plan for your financial future. By working with you we aim to have a full understanding of your current financial position, your objectives and identified needs. This understanding then helps us to provide suitable solutions and provide you with the clear financial direction you need to maximise the opportunities and achieve your objectives. We are committed to treating all of our clients in an open and fair manner.

At Mitchell Charlesworth Wealth Management we follow a six stage process which is individually tailored to your personal circumstances and objectives.  For further information please download our Financial Planning Process guide which is available to the right of this article.

To arrange a meeting with one of our financial planners, with no obligation and in complete confidence, please call us at your nearest office, or complete an enquiry form here and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

How we can help you - our Wealth Management services:

Private Clients

  • Personal Protection

    Throughout our working lives you may be accustomed to a certain lifestyle. But what happens when something goes wrong? It is imperative that you have a plan in place to ensure that you are not affected financially by the unexpected. You may need the security of an insurance product to protect you or your family. (Read more...)

  • Retirement Planning and Pensions

    Pensions represent one of the most tax-efficient ways for most people to save for retirement. (Read more...)

  • Investment Planning

    Whether or not your financial goal is in the near or longer term you need to plan how you will achieve this and invest sensibly. You need your savings and investments to grow to ensure that you achieve your goals. These can include short term savings, education funding and retirement planning. We help you to identify and prioritise the financial goals which matter to you. By investing tax efficiently and to your individual risk profile we establish, monitor and review your plan to ensure that you live the life you want to achieve. (Read more...)

  • Estate planning

    Once you have achieved and funded your retirement or investment goal you want to ensure that your wealth is preserved. You need to ensure that the investments you have made provide the income you require and that they maintain their value. For many, their priority is to ensure that future generations benefit from their wealth and at this point, we can advise on tax efficient estate planning. (Read more...)

  • Regular review service

    We appreciate that sometimes you may just be looking for help in a particular area on a one off or ad hoc basis, and that’s fine. Our optional ongoing services however are designed to ensure that your financial arrangements stay on track to meet your financial goals. (Read more...)

Corporate clients

  • Financial Planning for your Business

    We specialise in working with the owners and directors of small-medium sized businesses. This means that we work alongside you, your teams and your families to understand what you are trying to achieve, financially. (Read more...)

  • Retirement planning and pensions advice

    We advise and review all types of individual, group and specialist pension schemes from establishing suitable arrangements through to claiming retirement benefits including annuities, income drawdown and phased retirement. (Read more...)

  • Protecting and retaining key people

    We can help you protect your business, key staff and your family should something happen to you or your key team members. We can also help you attract and retain staff through developing appropriate employee benefit strategies. (Read more...)

  • Investing corporate reserves

    We help our corporate clients including businesses, charities and other organisations invest their liquid cash and reserves prudently for the potential of better returns. (Read more...)

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Contact a member of our team to the right of this page to discuss your Wealth Management needs, and to see how we can help you achieve your long term financial objectives.


We have a variety of wealth management resources which can be found below:

Financial Planning Process
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