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Estate planning

Once you have achieved and funded your retirement or investment goal you want to ensure that your wealth is preserved. You need to ensure that the investments you have made provide the income you require and that they maintain their value. For many, their priority is to ensure that future generations benefit from their wealth and at this point, we can advise on tax efficient estate planning.

Inheritance tax is no longer the ‘voluntary’ tax it was once considered. However, careful planning to ensure you take advantage of all the allowances and reliefs available could save you a lot of money relatively easily. It is never too early to start. You can take some basic steps to ensure that you make full yet practical use of your allowances and exemptions.

The areas we advise on include:

  • Trusts including discounted gift plans and other investment trusts
  • Investments providing tax relief
  • Life assurance to cover an inheritance tax liability

For further assistance, please contact a member of our team to the right of this page