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Retirement planning and pensions advice

We advise and review all types of individual, group and specialist pension schemes from establishing suitable arrangements through to claiming retirement benefits including annuities, income drawdown and phased retirement.

  • Auto enrolment planning and solutions
    Under the Workplace Pension Reforms, all employers have to place their employees (who meet certain requirements) into a pension scheme and make regular contributions to this pension scheme. At Mitchell Charlesworth, we are able to offer a unified solution for employers to manage both their pension and payroll obligations under auto-enrolment. Visit out auto-enrolment page.
  • Self invested personal pensions (SIPPs), Small self administered schemes (SSAS), Executive Pension Plan arrangements (EPPs)
    Do you want to offer better pension terms to your key directors and/or senior managers to recognise their value in the business? Or do you want to extract profits from your business? You can establish pension arrangements in ways that can reduce your corporation tax, invest in your business or business property and even borrow against the value.
  • Group personal pensions

For further assistance, please contact a member of our team to the right of this page.